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Hello Everyone!

To kick off my first blog after the break I want to share with you my expirience at APE this year. The Alternative Press Expo 2012 was an exciting debut into presenting my work to more the public as well as to the other illustrators. The convention itself is a great size for the independent press community in the bay, including some of the most seasoned and established illustrators to the new blood, stapling together their zine. I was delighted to notice that a fairly substantial portion of the artists with tables on the floor were CCA alum. My favorite part of this event besides explaining the different female serial killers stories to the guests was exchanging prints with some of the independent comic artists I admire such as Ed Luce of Wuvable Oaf. The whole experience was inspiring and humbling, it meant a lot to me that so many passers by would stop to ask questions and even purchase my prints. I have many different lengths of descriptions I do depending on the interest level of the person, each with progressively more detail on the woman in question. It’s always fun to see how many people are interested in serial killers as much as I am, and even the closeted ones come out of their shell to see. It was a lot of work to prepare for the event and present it, hopefully in the most accurate and successful way but it was well worth it. I loved being a part of this great expo.

















Overall the event was a lively and vivid atmosphere which I enjoyed very much. A moment that meant a lot to me were when I had a great discussion about my work, and serial killers in general with a guest. He asked me why I did not include Susan Atkins, the head female serial killer in the Manson Family. I decided in the original series of paintings that the Manson Family had their own category and they were not going to be included, however after the long talk and some extensive research I have made the choice to continue my series to include her. Susan Atkins will be the start with a few more to follow. Due to her captivating story along with the beautifully bountiful video interviews from when she was 16 all the way to her elderly years it seems incomplete without her. Its one of the best documented female serial killers in all that I have researched so I feel compelled to work on a painting about her.

I’ve had this idea to create some longer graphic novels based on each of the women I profile and by the end of APE I decided for sure that I will carry this  out. The first will be Belle Gunness, using all the factual data I can find and filling in the gaps with my own interpretation of her story. This is a project I am very excited about even though I know it will be challenging to present these women in the human perspective I would like while still giving the reality of the brutal crimes they committed.

The second little favorite part I wanted to mention was the extremely thoughtful gesture was from a woman who bought my little 5 page comic. She returned the next day and came up to my table to tell me how much she enjoyed it. She was so kind as to mention the story itself being uniquely interesting along with the art which combined, moved her. This is why small conventions are amazing and can change your perspective on your own work. After so many many conversations with the public, I was myself moved by the warmhearted reaction. Beyond the sales, there was such a strong sense of community that made me so grateful to be a part of. Even some people I haven’t seen a in a long time were able to make it out to this event just to see my table which meant so much. Connecting with new people was a pleasure to do and I am excited to do it all over again!

I did feel a little funny about how I had candy at my table because kids would gravitate to it and the parents would realize what my work is and gently but quickly steer them away right after giving me a bit of a glare. I felt like I was creepily luring kids to the serial killer area.

In the end, APE was an exhausting effort but I had a great time and can’t wait to continue to work similar events.



Finally there were some APE reviews that I was lucky enough to have a featured picture in and here they are for those of you who haven’t seen yet:




Visit the original article here: http://zenandtheartoftravel.com/2012/10/19/san-francisco-alternative-press-expo/




And lastly this is from Illustrator Jackie Lo who many of you know and who has been nice enough to include me in her APE review:

Visit the original article here: http://jackieloart.com/blog/alternative-press-expo-part-1-overall/












And this is a misc photo sent to me from an on site photographer from APE:



That it for this time, please visit here next week for my sketch of the week and updates on projects and shows!


Finally, thank you so much to everyone who helped me with this event, especially to Dilrukshi Perera and PS Print!


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